by Zoltan James

This "heart-warming" story of murder, lost opportunities, and romance, takes place at the end of 1999 when Y2K threatened to end our world. There's exotic locales of New York City, foggy San Francisco, and Kansas City. Yes, Kansas City can be exotic, especially when you're in love.

I’m ZJ Czupor writing as Zoltan James. I write mysteries and thrillers, poetry, and nonfiction from my standup/sit down desk in Denver, Colorado. I’m the immediate past president of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, a nonprofit organization of 600+ members from 33 states and four countries. Other writing organizations I’m actively involved in are the Rocky Mountain Chapter, Mystery Writers of America, and International Thriller Writers, where I’m volunteering my second year as a judge for ITW’s annual awards competition.

And I’m proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf, founder and owner of AKA Literary Management. Terrie is currently shopping my mystery novel Elrod to publishers and my nonfiction book of “mystery minutes,” vignettes about famous mystery writers. I also author a monthly column “On Tour With Dead Writers” at Rogue Women Writers. Guess who the famous author is and you have a chance to win a great book from one of the award-winning and bestselling authors who make up Rogue Women Writers.

If you’re interested in more, check out my website at ZoltanJames.com.

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Welcome to my new episodic mystery THE STANDARD WEAKLY STANDARD, a new novel which follows Sam Eggers and her trials to maintain the weekly newspaper. There's a lot of news happening in the small town of Standard, Kansas but not all is fit to print.


ZJ Czupor writes as Zoltan James. He's an award-winning writer of mysteries and thrillers. He is the past president of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers and is proud to be represented by Terrie Wolf, founder and owner of AKA Literary Management.